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"An Expert on Traditional Chinese Dresses"

- Los Angeles Channel 18

Hailed by Los Angeles Channel 18 as "An Expert on Traditional Chinese Dresses", by WCCDaily as "The Perfect Combination of Talent and Creativity", by Chinese World Journal as "A designer with true talent", and being special-featured on IAVC TV, fashion designer Helen Zhou has garnered accolades for her innovative thinking and unique creativity.

After giving her farewell as a successful ballet dancer in her native country China at the age of 25, Ms. Zhou stepped into her second passion, the world of fashion design. Combined with her natural artistic talent and love for making "wearable art", she opened her first fashion design company in her native city at the age of 28 which quickly expanded throughout the country. She is the first prize winner of the 1st Annual "Clever Style" Fashion Contest;  she is also the first prize winner of "Apparel and Tailor" Grand Contest in Shanghai, China. In the US, Helen has been featured numerously in renowned fashion and lifestyle magazines, movie and TV awards, as well as documentaries. As the largest Chinese traditional apparel store in the US, Brocade Apparel is frequented by renowned actresses and actors, industry producers, ambassadors, politicians, and major cultural events.  


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*pictures shown (on right) are of designer Helen Zhou in her own designs. Copies of the pictures in whole and/or in part are strictly prohibited by law. All rights reserved.

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