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A Fabulous Custom-Made Qi Pao Awaits You!

As the largest Qi Pao store in California, Brocade Apparel first established in Shanghai in 1990 and relocated to Temple City, California in 2000. We have two large showrooms with over 300 different Qi Pao dresses on display. We specialize in both traditional and modern Qi Paos; our designer, Helen Zhou, is also delighted to provide you with her own design expertise and collaborate with you to make your dress the Dream Dress.

Fabric Selections

We use fabric selections from France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Our most popular selections are:

~100% Traditional Silk Brocade,

~100% Modern Silk Brocade,

~Sequence (beaded, metallic, metal mesh),

~Lace (embroidered, metallic-embroidered, bead-embroidered, flower-embroidered)

--100% Silk Satin

--Genuine Leather. Upon special request

And, of course, much more in store. Still don't see your fabric? We encourage customers to bring in their own fabric, so feel free to bring your own! 

Style Selections

Designer Helen Zhou has also created hundreds of different Qi Pao styles to fit your preference.

Please take a look at our slide shows today!

Have a design in mind? We welcome and strongly recommend personal creations, just bring in your design and we will make it for you.

*** At Brocade Apparel, we custom-make and hand-make every dress. Our efforts to making you the dress you have always dreamt of doesn't stop here. Please visit our location today!

*pictures shown above are designer Helen Zhou wearing Qi Paos designed by herself.

Copies in part/whole are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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